Southward Car Museum has long been considered one of the premier privately owned automotive collections as it houses some of the world's rarest and most valuable vehicles.

The museum is the vision of the late Sir Len Southward and starting with NZ’s oldest car, a 1895 Benz Velo, on through to the family favourites of Ford’s and Holden’s, the collection is home to over 100 years of NZ automotive history.

Over the past 12 months, the Southward Trust and museum staff have been working hard to build on these exhibits so that the visiting public are able to enjoy this amazing asset left by Sir Len.

With the future direction of the collection in mind, the museum is busy collecting some new automobiles that will warm the hearts of all car lovers and public alike. With over 400 exhibits already, a few new additions will be appearing in the museum in the coming months as part of the first stage of these acquisitions being released to the public.

From fast Supercars to American and Japanese classics, we have all dreamed of owning one of these collectibles, so there will definitely be some new surprises for all. The photo above should provide some clues as to what to expect, otherwise, find us on Facebook to keep up with updates as these classics emerge from the workshop.

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During recent years, Southwards have gained a reputation for providing the most professional functions service on the Kapiti Coast and we aim to further develop our prominence in the years to come.

We have a number of venue options available along with a selection of local caterers and a range of business condiments to give your event a professional edge.

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Sir Leonard Southward was an avid motor enthusiast, automobile collector and New Zealand motor sport legend. Click his picture above to find out more about his world famous legacy.