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Southward Museum Trust on the proposed MackaCharges to Peka Peka Expressway

Please take time to read our submission to the EPA regarding the proposed Mackay's to Peka Peka Expressway.
We are very concerned about the effect it may have on our ability to remain open to the public in the long term.
Members of the public are welcome to contact us regarding our submission.

The Southward Museum Trust has put in a submission to the Environmental Protection Authority requesting an interchange at Otaihanga Road on the proposed MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway.

“We support improved transport links and believe it is vital to increasing the number of tourists visiting the Kapiti Coast, but the transport links must be user friendly for locals and should encourage out of town visitors, not make it more difficult for them to visit” said Manager and Trustee Stan Bellamore.

Charges “We believe that if there was no interchange on Otaihanga Road, the number of out-of-town and international visitors to the Museum would dramatically decrease.”

“The additional distance that out-of-town and overseas visitors would need to navigate from the Te Moana or Kapiti Road interchanges to the Museum will put visitors off visiting the Museum. Visitors will no longer be able to just ‘pop-in’ on their way past.”

Last year more than 52,000 visitors visited our car viewing hall and around 45 per cent were overseas tourists. As most of our overseas visitors come in self-drive campervans or as part of a bus tour party.

“We fear that without an interchange at Otaihanga Road our visitor numbers will decrease to a point where it is no longer viable to keep the Museum open.” said Manager and Trustee Stan Bellamore.

“If we don’t have enough visitors then we will have to close the doors.” said Manager and Trustee Stan Bellamore.

The Museum site was chosen 40 years ago because of its locality to State Highway 1 and the proposed alternative designated route for the highway, then called the Sandhills Motorway Designation.

“We believed that the locality both to State Highway 1 and the Sandhills Motorway Designation would provide certainty that the site would not be affected by future upgrading of the highway network.”

Plans for the Sandhills Motorway and later, the proposed Mackays to PekaPeka Expressway have always shown at the very least, off-ramps at Otaihanga road, if not an interchange. We were very surprised to find out in December 2010 that there are no plans for off ramps or an interchange at Otaihanga road.

The Southward Museum Trust has put in submissions at every point in this Expressway consultation process.


The Southward Museum Trust is registered under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and with the Charities Commission. The Trust was established in 1972 by Sir Leonard Southward with the intention of preserving for posterity a large and most varied collection of motor vehicles. The Museum’s collection now comprises of more than 400 vehicles, 150 motorcycles and airplanes, dating from 1895 and valued in excess of $70 million.

The Museum is internationally renowned and is an iconic national tourism attraction. The Kapiti Coast District Council recognized the importance of the museum to the District when developing its District Plan through the creation of a specific sub zone, the ‘Tourist Activity Precinct’, within the rural zone.

The Museum is the most visited fee-charging tourist destination on the Kapiti Coast. More than 52,000 visitors visited the car viewing hall in 2011 and around 45 per cent of these visitors were overseas tourisChargests. A majority of the overseas visitors come in self-drive camper vans or as part of a bus tour party.

The theatre is capable of accommodating 474 people and is the largest of its kind on the Kapiti Coast. The theatre is used for concerts, balls, college prizegivings, product expos, dinners, art shows and other community events. Approximately 45,000 people attended events in the theatre in 2011, and the car viewing hall was visited by 52,000 in the same year.

The complex is open to the public daily from 9am-4.30pm except for Christmas Day and Good Friday. The Museum provides employment for 12 staff and contributes well over $1,000,000 to the local economy each year.

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